Muay Thai Kick Boxing Schedule

Muay Thai BoxingVanguard Gym provides the Manassas area’s best Muay Thai program. Our Muay Thai classes are taught by experienced, competitive trainers that are students of the art. Vanguard Gym provides both beginners and experienced students with a solid curriculum focusing on the basics (fundamentals) and more advanced thai boxing techniques. Whether you want a great physical workout, self-defense or to step into the ring, our program will more than fulfill your needs.

Scroll down through the schedule below to find the classes that work best for your schedule.  You can also contact us about personal training, fight preparation, or to find out about our exciting introductory offers.

Muay Thai Class Holiday Schedule

Vanguard Gym’s Holiday Closures:
New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day
Easter Sunday
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Break
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

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  1. Erick Maximo

    Hello, I’m interested in your Thai boxing classes. My job has a weird, 24hr, floating schedule and in order to see if it’s worth it for me (when I’m working, when I’m off compared to when classes are), I was wanting to see your class schedule. Unfortunately the schedule page is not showing the schedule. It says, “The MINDBODY information on this page is not displaying, since the HealCode widget which generates it has been deactivated.”
    Greatly appreciated if there was some way I could view it.

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      Jenny Brannon

      Hi there! We have fixed the issue with the calendar. To sort for just Thai Boxing please use the drop down button named “all calendars”.

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  2. Mike Cunningham

    I have done Muay Thai before with Jason Douchette when he was open in Warrenton and Culpeper. Does all the classes train together or are there different levels of classes? Is the membership on a month to month basis or do you have to commit to a year long?

  3. Clemic Lewis,Jr.

    I wanted to know if there was separate fee to just take the Muay Thai Sparring class? I have over 10 years of martial arts training and including kickboxing. I have all the equipment required plus extra helmuts, pads and weighted gloves. I am currently looking for a good, clean and safe space to keep my skills sharp without serious injury to myself or others. I would probably drop in 2 to 3 times a month. I am willing to learn new skills and share with others.

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      Jenny Brannon

      Hi there,

      Thanks for contacting Vanguard Gym about sparring. We don’t currently offer a separate membership for sparring. It’s part of our Thai Boxing package which is $139/month. We do offer a drop-in rate of $25/class.

      Hope you’ll stop by soon,
      Coach Jenny

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